• Admission


    Parents wishing to admit a child should first register him/her for an admission test by completing the prescribed Admission form at the school office.

    Registration is allowed at the levels of Montessori (6months duration) from the age of 2 years, Senior Montessori (6months duration) from the age of 2.5 years, Nursery(6months duration) from the age of 3 years, Prep (6months duration) from the age of 3.5 years and Class-1 from the age of 4.5 years. At the time of the registration the prospectus cost is charged which is non-refundable. Registration does not in any way confirm or guarantee admission. Information provided on the Application Form should be correct.

    Test & Interview

    At the Montessori, Senior Montessori, Nursery and Prep levels, an informal assessment based on the child's age is conducted. Generally, the reading ability of the child, vocabulary and recognition of words, concepts of colours and numbers are assessed. The confidence and appearance of the child is also taken into consideration as to how the child sits, walks and talks. At the Class I level, a written test in English, Urdu and  Mathematics is prerequisite. In addition to the assessment, a formal interview is also conducted with the both the parents. Merit is the sole criterion for admission.