• Managing Direcror BSS

    Supporting quality education is one of our core program area of Brilliance School System (BSS) and I hope you find it valuable resource to answer any question you may have about our school management system.

    Choosing school for your child is not a simple task, when you think you want an ultimate learning environment for your child's up bringing you picture colorful classrooms, dynamic teachers, and a variety of co-scholastic activities. Whether you are choosing a school for the first time for your child or your child is making a transition to a new school, you are probably seeking a long term investment that would reflect on your child's mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Brilliance School System (BSS) streamlines your selection process and makes you reach a cool decision by offering a wide range of educational systems that are tailored to fit every preference and committed to boost the code of "a national school with international standards." .We stand for endless values of truth, honesty, obedience, social and moral developments, modern education including Islamic values. We firmly believe that every child entrusted in our care has multiple sparks hidden in them. We will endeavor to nurture each one of them to achieve their potentials beyond conventional academic success. We strive to employ highly qualified professional and specialized teaching staff to deliver a superior curriculum in a supportive and learning environment. We continue to work in partnership with our parents in achieving our goal of courage and confidence in the pursuit of excellence and bright future. It is worth to mention that the BSS is a project of SAK Development and is not a business entity. Income from the BSS will contribute in achieving the objectives of SAK Development. BSS is the fastest growing schools network in town providing quality education with well trained, educated and professional staff with in economical and affordable fee structure.

    While we believe that each child is a unique blend of capabilities, wants, needs and motives our staffers and teachers are strongly committed to reach the kind of environment in which the child will learn best. Through individual assessments, interviews and dynamic interface with the parents we team up to discover your child's interests and learning style.We have special focus on confidence building and social grooming of our students. BSS has an auditorium, computer lab, multimedia and fully equipped class rooms. Our teaching strategy save one year of students in pre-schooling duration. We are providing free transport, Free Books, Free uniform and free note books. We have started our operation with one branch and within the period of four months expanded 100%. Currently our Ahmed branch is for primary section and Abu Bakkar Branch is for pre-primary branch. Through student web portal and SMS alert services we are closely contacted with the parents for updating about the progress of their child/s. With BSS we promise you academic quality integrated with a marvelous progress in your child's overall development making you witness noteworthy positive changes every day throughout your child's school years.

    Best Regards,

    Managing Director Of Brilliance