This program provides aid to orphans. Basically orphan as a child who has lost one or both parents because of death and is under the age of 18 and a vulnerable child is a child who needs care and protection. As one can imagine, the loss of a parent (or both parents) profoundly affects a child economically, psychologically and socially.

While children of all ages need emotional support  and stimulation, young children may be left without responsive care, stunting the child’s emotional development and sense of wellbeing.

 In many countries around the world, property and  inheritance laws do not protect the rights of orphans and widows and they  are prohibited from claiming what is rightly theirs. Even when inheritance     laws are on the books they are often not enforced. Without parents to look out for     their best interests, children can fall pray to sexual exploitation and     child labor in order to provide for their needs. Orphaned children are at an elevated risk for     malnutrition and illness in addition to a lack of access to health care. SAK Development support this program for good benefit for children and want these children are becoming bright future for our country.