Disaster response is a phase of the disaster management cycle. Its preceding cycles aim to reduce the need for a disaster response, or to avoid it altogether. A great deal of assistance in the wake of any disaster comes from various places so SAK work on this program to give awareness of people of Pakistan for disaster.

In Pakistan, different NGO's work on this program but SAK development work for the victims of these disaster which occur in country so SAK work in these fields in Disaster Response Program.


Disaster Response


 Mainstreaming DRR in Development Planning

-  Training on Commodities handling and Management

- Conflict Resolution and Conflict Management

- Disaster Response Needs and Damage Assessment

- Disaster Risk Management (DRM)

- Environment and DRR Climate Change

- First Aid

- Gender Analysis in DRR

- Disaster Risk Reduction

- Disaster reduction Planning and management

- Environment and climate