About Us

Sher Ahmed Kayani Development is an independent, indigenous non-governmental, non-political organization. It is formed and working from last four years and got registered in 2010 with Trust Act 1882.Now to increase the scale of services to the other cities of Pakistan and to serve more number of poor people the Advisory Board of SAK decided to enhance the scope of work, donors and increase the number of partners of the trust. We are strong advocates for self-reliant and sustainable initiatives for the betterment of the community. We aim to build the skills and capacity of the target communities to enhance their means of income as a part of sustainable development. The idea behind this is to make the poor class a respectable and economically self sufficient part of the society which is not a burden on the economy but is contributing towards the economic development of the country. To achieve this objective we encourage strategic planning and self-sufficiency to ensure long-term positive development for most disadvantage section of the communities. We are not formally associated with any organization or network at present, but we do welcome partnerships with local businesses enterprises, civil society organization, welfare networks and governmental departments to initiate a joint effort for the cause. We have a well educated, learned, and hardworking team of professionals. If any of the above mentioned areas is of your interest and you want to donate (in kind, services or cash), work in partnership or want to refer any other organization ·

• An education — formal and/or vocational — to orphans and desperately poor of the poorer, neglected and forgotten children, · Helping in marriage of orphan girls (Jahaiz Package) ·

• Providing income generation for widows ·

• Free ambulance services to the poor families for carrying the dead bodies from hospital to their home.

• Care and support for people living with HIV and AIDS ·

• Capacity building for all through SAK Development’s subsidiary PARIEF Foundation ·

• Information and knowledge sharing through SAK Development’s subsidiary midweek magazine named CIVIC.