The oppressed and poor people need help and assistance for their survival with dignity and honour. Sher Ahmed Kayani (late) with in his limited resource always tried to help the oppressed and poor people and always advised to his family members and close friends to keep helping poor and disadvantaged sections of the community as per and may be beyond limits. He used to bring poor people from his town for jobs and some time to provide assistance to their education.   


Due to reasons mentioned above MR. Muhammad Zubair Kayani, on the advise of his Mother Khalida Begum has established Sher Ahmed Kayani (SAK) Memorial Development Trust to continue the traditional efforts of his father for helping people. This Institution is established for the welfare of the oppressed people of country and all over the world.


The Institution is founded on and shall run on non political, non commercial and non-profitable basis. This is our first year of operation and with the help of Almighty Allah and with your support we are moving toward our destination very successfully but still need to do a lot.


SAK development has its two subsidiaries e.g PARIEF Foundation engaged in the capacity building of social development actors across Pakistan and the Midweek CIVIC Magazine sharing knowledge about the developmental role of development actors with the society. Funds generated from these two subsidiaries of SAK Development has sole objective of supporting the SAK Development project’s funds requirement.


We would like to request you to send the gifts of love to your beloved gone ahead before you by helping with your Zakat, Sadqa, Khyrat, Fitrana and/or any other giving to orphans and widows through SAK development projects and let us try to create hope for orphans and widows for their better future and honour able life in the society.


Let us assure you that your giving will be used very honestly as per SAK Development predefine objectives and projects.


Khalida Begum                                                                                         Zubair Ahmed Kiyani

Chairperson, SAK Development (Int)                                                       Co-Chairperson,  SAK Development (Int)