About Bss

    BSS Introduction

    Brilliance School System is the fastest growing schools network in town with the mission to provide an excellent combination of Islamic & modern education by developing and imparting innovative individualized leadership and skill based educational and training programs to the teachers and students.  The objective is to help in nourishment of their fullest potential & to enhance their practical, mental, intellectual and spiritual capabilities in order to enable them to make long term positive contribution to the society, country and the world.



    Values of BSS

    Best school management system with the coordination among teachers, parents and administrations.

    ·           Building Bright Future of our nation

    ·           Dedication in Work

    ·           Team power

    ·           Sincerity with Profession

    ·           Honesty in business dealings with friendly and Cooperative Environment

    ·           Loving and Caring Attitude

    Brilliance School System has following main charateristics

    ·           Quality education with highly trained and educated professional staff.

    ·           Web based student data base about their progress and future lesson plans accessible by parents through net.

    ·           Balanced, Standardized and technology oriented curriculum.

    ·           Special focus on confidence and social grooming.

    ·           Frequent teacher training.

    ·           Advanced teaching and learning methodology.

    ·           Economical and affordable fee structure.

    BSS Introduction


    BSS is managed under the umbrella of professional governance structure of SAK Development International. Best school management system (SMS) is in place. Web based student data is managed about the progress & future lesson plans for the students accessible by parents through net along with teacher parents’ meetings. Governance structure of SAK Development allows its school management team to grow within the system and opens the new vistas of learning to meet the challenges of 21st century education. BSS targets the skill and hidden potential to appear of all those who really want to excel with strong determination.


    Parents wishing to admit a child should first register him/her for an admission test by completing the prescribed Admission form at the school office.

    Registration is allowed at the levels of Montessori (6months duration) from the age

    of 2 years, Senior Montessori (6months duration) from the age of 2.5 years, Nursery(6months duration) from the age of 3 years, Prep (1 year duration) from the age of 3.5 years and Class-1 from the age of 4.5 years. At the time of the registration the prospectus cost is charged which is non-refundable. Registration does not in any way confirm or guarantee admission. Information provided on the Application Form should be correct.

    Test & Interview

    At the Montessori, Senior Montessori, Nursery and Prep levels, an informal assessment based on the child's age is conducted. Generally, the reading ability of the child, vocabulary and recognition of words, concepts of colours and numbers are assessed. The confidence and appearance of the child is also taken into consideration as to how the child sits, walks and talks. At the Class I level, a written test in English, Urdu and  Mathematics is prerequisite. In addition to the assessment, a formal interview is also conducted with the both the parents. Merit is the sole criterion for admission.